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On 22 September 2017

£ to 4 dec. places: £24.3650


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Accessibility Information


We have designed this website to be accessible to as many users as possible and we seek ways to improve accessibility regularly. We believe that everyone should be able to access our website regardless of any impairments or technical constraints.

As well as being intuitive and easy to use, this website combines aesthetic value with practicality. This user-focused design combines these requirements into one website solution to satisfy all of its users.

To our knowledge, all pages within the site comply with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Priority 1 Guidelines. Many Priority 2 and 3 guidelines have also been followed in the creation of this web site.

The site is coded entirely in HTML and some assistive technologies will allow you to navigate from heading to heading using a keyboard shortcut and allow for the use of speech browsers.

Styles may be switched off in Firefox browsers to view a black and white version of the site. Go to View and select No page style. Firefox browser is available free from

You can modify the text size using the controls in your browser. In Internet Explorer 6, select Text Size from the View menu item. Then choose the preferred size. If you have a wheel mouse hold the control key down and scroll up and down to adjust the text size. In Internet explorer 7 and Firefox browsers text can be increased by selecting ctrl + or ctrl -.

We welcome any feedback about accessibility and our site. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this subject.