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On 22 September 2017

£ to 4 dec. places: £24.3650


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The Diageo Sharestore (the 'Sharestore') is an effective and easy way of holding your Diageo shares. Holding shares in the Sharestore is free, and it's easy when you want to sell your shares.

  • Your shares, along with shares held by other employees, are held electronically, so there are no share certificates to hold and keep safe.
  • Selling your shares is easy with the proceeds paid straight into your bank account*.
  • You will be sent a statement each year which will provide details of your Sharestore balance and any transactions.
  • There are no charges for holding your shares in the Sharestore.
  • The Sharestore is open to employees and ex-employees only for shares that were granted under an employee share plan.  Please note that shares purchased on the open market cannot be transferred into the Sharestore.

If you hold shares in the Sharestore

Details of all your Sharestore transactions can be viewed by registering on our online shareholder portal

Ordinary shareholders can check the number of shares they own, their value, register for electronic communications, provide divdend mandate details, sell shares and vote on resolutions at our AGM.  All these services can be found on

Visit the sell your Sharestore shares page for more information on how to sell your Sharestore shares.

Some employees ("Insiders") may require clearance to deal in Diageo's shares. Insiders may not deal during closed periods and must seek approval before dealing at any other time. Insiders are notified prior to each closed period by the Company Secretary’s Office.

How do I put my shares into the Sharestore?

Shares from maturing share plans, such as Sharesave, can be transferred into the Sharestore.

If you still hold Diageo share certificates that arose from past employee share plans, you can transfer these into the Sharestore too. Simply complete a Transfer Form and send it back to the Registrar's office together with your share certificate(s). Please note that shares purchased on the open market cannot be transferred into the Sharestore.

You will receive confirmation when your shares have been transferred into the Sharestore.

Want to know more? See our Questions & Answers

Full terms and conditions of the Sharestore are available here.

*In order to receive the funds directly into your bank account, you must have a bank mandate instruction set up on your shareholding.  In order to see the current bank details that we hold for you, or to add bank details to your shareholding, please register with and click on 'manage your account'.  If we do not have bank details for you, a cheque will be sent to your registered address.

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