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On 22 September 2017

£ to 4 dec. places: £24.3650


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Executive Plans


Diageo Executive plans are a key element of Diageo’s executive compensation package, rewarding executives for the long-term success of the company as reflected in its share price growth.

For information on the DELTIP/DACSIP choice, please log on to your personal Employee Shareplan Information or visit our DELTIP/DACSIP page.

Share plans support our overall reward strategy through attracting, motivating and retaining great talent and our performance culture across a diverse range of demographics and geographies. We use our share plans to provide potential opportunities for our employees to build wealth and share in the success of Diageo.

An important element of Diageo’s reward strategy is to align and reward employees through share based incentives.  We aim to use our share incentives to:

  • Align our employees’ interests with those of our shareholders;
  • Provide potential opportunities to build wealth and share in the success of Diageo;
  • Balance the total reward package with a longer term, forward looking incentive;
  • Provide a link between company performance and the value of each individual’s total reward package; and
  • Attract new talent and retain and motivate our current talent pool.

Diageo operate a variety of long term share incentive plans.  Some of these plans are no longer available for new awards but still have options due to vest over the coming years.

A full summary of current and past Executive plans can be found here.

To use the Online Exercise facility, logon to the secure area of the website and follow the options in the left hand menu bar to Exercise Ordinary or ADR Share Options. 


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