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Current share price:


On 22 September 2017

£ to 4 dec. places: £24.3650


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In this section you will find all the forms you need to use.  Below is an explanation of what is contained in each section. 

Leavers Information

Download information for each plan based on your reason for leaving.

Sale Forms

Find forms to sell your share holdings in Share Incentive Plans and Irish Schemes.


Sale and transfer forms for Sharestore Shares. 


Share Incentive Plan (SIP)

Forms to join the plan.  Sale forms for taxable and tax free shares and transfer forms.



Suspend and stop forms and early exercise form for Computershare.



Exercise and broker forms.


International Sharematch Plan

Exercise and broker forms.


Irish Share Plans

Forms for Irish Sharesave, Profitshare, Salary Foregone/Sacrifice.



Change of address forms and dividend payment forms.

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