Current share price:


On 7 October 2015

£ to 4 dec. places: £18.0000


Final Dividend Payment

On Thursday 8th October 2015, a Final Dividend of 34.9 pence per share will be paid to shareholders who held shares on the register of members as at close of business on 14th August 2015.

ROI Profit Releases 

Shares appropriated on 20/09/12 under Profitshare and Share Participation were released on 21/09/15. Share certificates were sent out to home addresses during the week commencing 21/09/15

Irish Appropriation Letters 

The Appropriation letters providing details of the ROI Profitshare, Salary Foregone, Share Participation and Salary Sacrifice awards made on 3/09/2015 will be posted out this week.

Freeshares Percentage 2015 

This years UK Freeshares award is 4.5% of salary as at 30 June. The award was made on 3 September to all eligible employees.