Current share price:


On 9 December 2016

£ to 4 dec. places: £20.4069


UK Sharesave Maturity

The 2011 5 year and 2013 3 year savings plans mature on 1 December 2016 (if no payments have been missed). If you participate in these plans your maturity letter was issued to your registered address on 14 November 2016. Click above for further details.

Annual dividend confirmation 

On 06 October, a final dividend of 36.6 pence per share was paid to shareholders. Visit the share portal to download your dividend confirmation for the current tax year.

Taxable SIP sales 

If you wish to receive your SIP taxable sale proceeds in your December salary, you must sell on or before 1st December.

Current employee data 

Your name and address must be up to date on Workday or you RISK missing communications from us. Current employees should check and update their details on Workday.