Current share price:


On 26 November 2015

£ to 4 dec. places: £19.2700


UK Sharesave Maturity
2010 5 yr & 2012 3 yr Sharesave Plans

The UK 2010 5 year and 2012 3 year savings plans mature on 1 December 2015 (providing no payments have been missed). If you participate in either of these plans, your maturity letter will be issued to your registered address on 12 November 2015.

Early Payroll Deadline 

If you wish to receive your SIP taxable sale proceeds in your December salary, you must sell on or before 2nd December 2015.

Irish Salary Foregone 2016 

Salary Foregone and Salary Sacrifice invitations for 2016 have been posted to home addresses and the deadline is the 11th December 2015.

Irish Appropriation Letters 

The Appropriation letters providing details of the ROI Profitshare, Salary Foregone, Share Participation and Salary Sacrifice awards made on 3/09/2015 will be posted out this week.