Current share price:


On 21 April 2017

£ to 4 dec. places: £21.9388


Interim Dividend
Payable 06 April 2017

A dividend of 23.7 pence per share was paid to shareholders. Details of this dividend can be viewed on the shareholder portal by clicking here. Annual dividend confirmations will be available in October detailing all dividends paid within the tax year.

Bank details for sales 

If you would like any sales proceeds and future dividends to go straight to your bank account instead of a cheque, click here to check or add your bank account details.


Your name and address must be up to date on Workday or you RISK missing communications from us. Current employees should check and update their details on Workday.

Dividend Reinvestment 

For those who reinvest their cash dividends, shares were purchased at £22.867 per share. Sharestore accounts were credited on 10 April which was the settlement date.