Questions and Answers



The Sharestore has been specially created for our employees and ex-employees to provide an easy and convenient way to hold shares that arise from an employee plan.

Instead of holding share certificates, you hold all your Diageo employee shares electronically in one place - the Sharestore. If your shares are in the Sharestore, you do not need a share certificate to sell your shares.


  • There are no share certificates, because Diageo look after your shares for you.
  • Your statement is available to view or download at anytime on the mydiageoshares portal.
  • You can sell your shares online or by telephone, through the Solium share dealing services, using their low cost dealing sale facilities.
  • If you want to sell your shares through another broker, you must transfer your shares out of the Diageo Sharestore.


  • There are no administration charges to pay and no share certificates to keep safe.
  • You can sell your shares online or over the telephone Monday to Friday between 8am & 4.30pm*, and benefit from competitive commission rates.
  • Proceeds from your sale take 5 days to reach you instead of up to 10 days.
  • All of your Diageo shares (that are free of income-tax liability) are held in one place.

* Some employees ("Insiders") require clearance to deal in Diageo's shares. They may not deal during closed periods and must seek approval before dealing at any other time. Insiders will be notified prior to each closed period.

The Diageo Sharestore is simple: Keep all your shares in one place and sell them through our exclusive dealing facilities when it suits you.