Help and Login Information

General information on all the share plans offered by Diageo can be found by clicking on each plan name at the top of the screen.  From the left hand menu on these pages you can click on "Questions and Answers" to see some frequently asked questions or download any forms you require by selecting "Forms".

Employee Shareplan Information Portal

Before logging in, you need to activate your account. To do this, you need to click on the link contained within the "Important information about your MyDiageoShares Account" email which was sent out 06-Aug-2018. On first log on, you will be able to set up your account profile including:

  • Set up your personal security questions
  • Add bank details for receipt of sales proceeds and any dividend payments
  • Add any regulatory information (e.g. for MiFID reporting when you sell shares)

Once activated, you can logon to securely access your personal Employee Shareplan Information using the button in the top right hand side of this screen.

Current Employee Login

Once activated, simply click the Login button at the top of this page and select Current Employee. If you are logged into the Diageo network, and have already activated your account, you will be directed to your account via Single Sign On (SSO).

If you are working off network (e.g. at home) and haven't already invoked Okta (Diageo's SSO back end) you will be asked to sign in using your standard Windows credentials (email address and standard password). Once this information has been entered, SSO will be invoked and you will be directed to your account.

If you have left the business

Once activated, simply click the Login button at the top of this page and select Left the Business. You will be directed to the Shareworks login page. The details you need to enter here are the ones created when you activated your account.

If you have forgotten your User ID/Account Number and Password, please follow the links on the login page.