1. The information in your statement may not have taken account of transactions currently processing.
  2. If there is any difference between the information contained on this website or in your online statement and that contained in the Rules of the Schemes and Plans, the Rules will apply.
  3. Diageo staff are unable to offer investment advice. Should you require advice, you should contact an Independent Financial Advisor.
  4. The valuations table on your Summary Statement is for illustration purposes only. The value of your shares will change to reflect changes in the share price.
  5. In any valuations, you should note that shares and options may be subject to holding conditions, tax deductions and purchase costs of any options.
  6. The value you receive from selling shares may be more or less than the valuations provided on your statement, which are only intended as a guide.
  7. The share price may go down as well as up.
  8. You may incur a Capital Gains Tax liability if you sell/transfer shares. If you are unsure of your tax position, you should contact an Independent Financial Advisor.