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Become a Diageo shareholder by taking part in our Irish tax efficient employee share plans. 

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Become a Diageo shareholder by taking part in our Irish tax efficient employee share plans. Our share plans are designed to motivate you and help you build a shareholding in Diageo. In return you benefit from our Company’s success through potential share price growth. Also, as the share schemes are Revenue approved you can benefit from generous PAYE savings (as long as you meet the holding periods and rules linked to the relevant plan).

Irish Profitshare

The Diageo plc 2017 Irish Share Ownership Plan (also known as Profitshare) is a plan that gives you a choice of taking your Profitshare Bonus as either shares or cash. You can also add to this investment by electing to forego some of your pre-tax salary over 6 months and buy more Diageo shares. This plan element is commonly known as Salary Foregone. Your total share investment under the Profitshare plan should not exceed the Irish Revenue maximum annually.

For further information on the plan, please refer to the Profitshare Infographic (PDF 338KB) and Profitshare Employee Booklet (PDF 1.64MB).

The choice window is now open for you to elect how much of your Profitshare award to receive in cash or shares. the minimum amount you can receive in shares is 25%.

You can use our useful worked examples to help you decide.

AIP & Profitshare examples (PDF 301KB)

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Save for the future by taking part in this simple savings programme and putting money aside each month directly from pay. Once you’ve completed your savings (usually over 3 or 5 years) you can choose to buy Diageo shares at a discounted price, or you can simply take back your savings.

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More Information

Diageo’s share plans are strictly governed by the plan rules and applicable legislation. For more information about Diageo’s Irish employee share plans go to the relevant sections where you will find additional information and details about how and when you can enrol.