The Diageo Sharestore (the 'Sharestore') is an effective and easy way of holding your Diageo shares arising from a Diageo employee share plan. 


Here are some of the highlights of Sharestore:

  • Your shares, along with shares held by other employees, are held electronically, so there are no share certificates to hold and keep safe.

  • In most cases, any shares coming out of an employee share plan will automatically be deposited into your Sharestore account and held in accordance with the terms & conditions.

  • Selling your shares is easy – you can do this through the mobile app, or online and sale proceeds are paid straight into your nominated bank account*.

  • A statement is available to view or download at any time on your Sharestore portal account, or you can simply scroll through your transaction history.

  • It’s free!  There are no charges for holding your shares in the Sharestore.

  • The Sharestore is open to employees specifically for the purpose of holding vested or released shares from a Diageo employee share plan. Please note that shares purchased on the open market cannot be transferred into the Sharestore.

  • If you leave Diageo, you can continue to hold your shares within the Sharestore as long as you have activated your Sharestore portal account.

  • A list of countries where Sharestore is available can be located in the Sharestore Permitted Jurisdictions List (PDF 143KB)

If you hold shares in the Sharestore

Details of all your Sharestore transactions can be viewed on the Sharestore portal which is accessible by clicking on the login button at the top of this page. Within the Sharestore portal Sharestore holders can view the number of shares they own, their value, provide bank details for dividend payments and sale proceeds, and sell shares.

Some employees ("Restricted Persons") may require clearance to deal in Diageo's shares. Restricted Persons may not deal during closed periods and must seek approval before dealing at any other time. Insiders are notified prior to each closed period by the Company Secretary’s Office.

The revised terms & conditions are effective from 25 September 2020.  The following clauses have been updated:

NEW Clause 3 – Sharestore DRIP.  The Nominee will offer the Client the option to reinvest cash dividends to receive additional shares.  The Client must make an online election in order to participate in the DRIP and all future dividends will automatically be reinvested until the instruction is revoked.  The Nominee will apply all of the dividends and allocate the maximum number of whole shares to the Client plus a notional fractional share equal to any cash remaining after the reinvestment.  The reinvestment will be subject to the payment of stamp duty and broker commission which will be deducted from the dividend amount.

Clause 11 – Statements, have been updated to clarify that as statements are available to run online, real-time, the Nominee will not automatically prompt the Client to access their statement.  Hard copy statements are available on request.

Clause 20 – Notices, have been updated with the Nominees up to date addresses.

How do I put my shares into the Sharestore?

Current employees who hold any Diageo share certificates that arose from past employee share plans, can transfer these into the Sharestore. To transfer your shares certificates into the Sharestore, you must complete the relevant Stock Transfer and Transfer into Sharestore forms, which are available on our Sharestore Forms page.

These forms should be sent to the Diageo Share Plans Team together with your share certificate(s). 

Please note that shares purchased on the open market cannot be transferred into the Sharestore.

You will receive confirmation when your shares have been transferred into the Sharestore.

Want to know more? See our Questions & Answers

Full terms and conditions of the Sharestore are available in the Sharestore Terms (PDF 133KB)

*In order to receive the funds directly into your bank account, you must have ensured you have bank details updated on your Shareworks account. In order to see the current bank details that we hold for you, or to add bank details to your shareholding, please log into the Sharestore portal.