Questions and Answers


Q. What is the Sharestore?

The Sharestore has been specially created for our employees to provide an easy and convenient way to hold shares that arise from an employee plan.

If you leave Diageo, you can continue to hold your shares within the Sharestore as long as you have activated your Sharestore portal account.

Instead of holding share certificates, you hold all your Diageo employee shares electronically in one place - the Sharestore. If your shares are in the Sharestore, you do not need a share certificate to sell your shares.

Q. How does the Sharestore work?
  • There are no share certificates, because Diageo look after your shares for you.
  • Your statement is available to view or download at anytime on the Sharestore portal account.
  • You can sell your shares online or via the mobile app or by telephone, through the Shareworks share dealing services, using their low cost dealing sale facilities.
Q. What are the benefits of the Sharestore?
  • It’s a simple way to hold your Diageo shares electronically.  You can easily track and manage your account using the online service or through the mobile app.
  • You can see all of your Diageo employee shares (including those still held as part of an employee share plan) in the one place
  • There are no administration charges to pay and no share certificates to keep safe.
  • You can sell your shares online or over the telephone Monday to Friday between 8am & 4.30pm*, and benefit from competitive commission rates.
  • Proceeds from your sale take 5 days to reach you instead of up to 10 days.

* Some employees ("Restricted Persons") require clearance to deal in Diageo's shares. They may not deal during closed periods and must seek approval before dealing at any other time. Restricted Persons will be notified prior to each closed period.

The Diageo Sharestore is simple: Keep all your shares in one place and sell them through our exclusive dealing facilities when it suits you.

Share Certificates

Q. I have lost my share certificate, how do I get another?

Please visit for details, or contact the Registrar direct on +44 (0) 371 277 1010 for information on obtaining a letter of indemnity.

Q. Are Diageo B Shares, Guinness, or Grand Metropolitan share certificates still valid?

No. All Guinness and Grand Metropolitan share certificates were replaced by Diageo certificates on 2nd February 1998. Diageo B Shares were either exchanged for ordinary shares or redeemed for cash in 1998.

Q. What is a share certificate?

A share certificate is a piece of paper which shows who owns the shares.

It details:

  • The certificate number

  • The number of shares on that certificate

  • The type of shares

  • When the shares were registered

  • The name of the shareholder

  • The shareholders unique reference number

If your shares are held on a share certificate, you cannot sell them if you do not have the share certificate.

Buying, selling and transferring your shares

Q. How do I buy Diageo Ordinary shares?

We provide a low cost dealing service through LINK share dealing services. Please visit for more information on this service.  You can also buy ordinary shares through any broker of your choice.

Q. I want to gift some of my Sharestore shares, how do I do this?

You can gift some or all of your Diageo shares by completing a Sharestore Gift Transfer Form and returning this to our office. The form can be located here.

Q. Does Diageo offer a corporate ISA?

Yes. For more information please view your Benefits Hub

Selling Sharestore shares & Share Certificate shares

Q. How do I sell my share certificates?

You can sell your certificated shares using our low cost dealing service with LINK share dealing services. You can find out more information by registering with our share portal at

Alternatively, you may arrange the sale with a Stockbroker of your choice.

Q. What commission will l pay?

The commission you pay will depend on the type of sale you do. 

Broker Share Dealing Product - Sales Method Commission Rate Minimum Fee
Solium Share Incentive Plan 5 years plus Online 0.25% £12.50
Solium  Share Incentive Plan 5 years plus Telephone 0.35% £15.00
Solium Sharestore Online 0.25% £12.50
Solium Sharestore Telephone 0.35% £15.00
Link* Certificated Online 1.00% £30.00
Link* Certificated Telephone 1.50% £40.00

These rates only apply if you sell your shares through LINK Market Services. If you are using another stockbroker for the sale of Share Certificates, you should check how much they will charge for your sale.

Q. How do l sell my Sharestore shares?

You can sell your Sharestore shares through the mydiageoshares shares portal which is available by clicking the login button at the top of this page, or by transacting through the mobile app. 

Shares can be transferred out of Sharestore by completing the Transfer out form and sending it to the Diageo Share Plans Team.  This can be scanned and emailed to

Q. What is a contract note?

This is the written confirmation a stockbroker will send to you when you sell your shares. It gives details of the sale, including:

  • The type of shares you sold

  • The price you sold your shares at

  • The commission rate and how much you paid

  • The settlement date (the date you will receive your proceeds)

  • The amount of money you will receive

Q. What price will l get for my shares?

The price you receive for your shares will be the best price on the stockmarket at the time of sale. This price changes from minute to minute throughout the day.

If you sell online or by telephone, you will be told the price you will get before you decide to sell. You can also state a minimum price if you are selling online, and your shares will not be sold below this price. 

Q. When will l get my proceeds?

Sharestore shares will settle within 5 working days. 

The settlement period for certificated sales depends on how long it takes for your share certificates to reach LINK share dealing services. 

This only applies to sales through LINK Market Services. Other stockbrokers may have different settlement periods.

Q. Will I have to pay any income tax?

There is no income tax payable when you sell Diageo share certificates or shares held in the Diageo Sharestore.

Any sale of shares may be liable to Capital Gains Tax. If you require any information about the payment of such tax, please consult an Independent Financial Advisor.